However, in a nearby village at La Chapelle d'Abondance, Pauline Trincaz was writing the first pages of a long and beautiful history of the family. Her grandchild Philippe, born in 1959 was growing up in the kitchen of the family business Les Cornettes, created in 1894 by their great grand-parents. Philippe encouraged by his grandmother was just getting to know his culinary art.

Over the years Gabriel et Jeannine, parents of the young Philippe and owners of the family hotel were revealing their secrets by showing him their profession. Throughout this period Philippe was ever present and whilst not at the stoves with Gaby flattering the clients' taste buds, he could be found at the reception with Jeannine, in the bar or in the restaurant where Philippe passed daily to ensure that his clients were enjoying their stay and were wanting for nothing. In 1976 he decided to go to the hotel school in Thonon-les-Bains to become a cook. A few years later and after several training periods, Philippe left for the army with his cookery and pastry diplomas in his pocket. He went round the World aboard the Jeanne d'Arc where, aboard, he was pastry chef to the Captain.

On his return Philippe rejoined his parents in the family business and fell in love with the young Christine, his future wife. They had two children, Lydie and Sébastien. Over several years Jeanine transmitted her rich experience and know-how to Christine, who followed with both dynamism and ambition the hotel project of her in-laws. Gaby passed his apron over to his son Philippe who gradually became the chef. Philippe and his wife and his brother were at the helm for 35 years.

Over the years Philippe and Christine transformed, innovated and enlarged the hotel and restaurant with such care that the establishment now offers an unforgettable stay of relaxation and style where clients can discover the hotel's history full of passion and emotion. The years passed. Success was assured.

Sébastien grew-up in this hotel environment and proud of his parents he decided to share this same passion. After a route which took him to the hotel school of Thonon-les-Bains, through several establishment abroad and in France, he came back to deputize for his father in the kitchen. It was also at Les Cornettes that he met his future wife Karolina.

Strengthened by their experience, Philippe and Christine decided to give a new impulse to their careers. However certain aspects and traditions transmitted by their ancestors combined with their passion never change. They embarked on the adventure of taking over the Fleur de Neige. Helped by their son Sébastien, a professional chef and his wife Karolina, holder of a Master's Degree in hotel keeping, the history of the Trincaz, Cottet and Neuvecelle families is being perpetuated. Today two generations work cap in hand to assure a relaxing stay in an informal and family atmosphere, with tasty and traditional cooking which reflect the spirit of both the hotel and the family. History will tell us if the next generation will follow them....