Dried Meat 100g 〜 18€
Malakoff 6 pieces 〜 10€
Cured Ham 150g 〜 16€
Sausage 150g 〜 14€

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logo fait-maison Green salad   7€
logo fait-maison Pumpkin soup   12€
logo fait-maison Deconstructed black pudding and organic apple emulsion   15€
logo fait-maison Waffle with Abondance cheese & cured ham shavings   19€
logo fait-maison Homemade cold meats produced and smoked with juniper berry by us 〜18 months refining〜
(cured ham, hunting terrine, dried pork & beef sausage, garlic sausage, dried meat and green salad)
logo fait-maison Homemade smoked salmon Loch Duart from Scotland, sour cream and pickels of vegetables squid ink tile   24€
logo fait-maison Homemade pressed French duck foie gras, smoked figs with lemon balm condiment   22€
logo fait-maison Local snails backed in homemade parsley butter with wild garlic    
  (6)   11€
  (12)   22€
logo fait-maison Hot goat cheese salad 〜15 minutes of wait〜
(mixed leaves, crunchy of plain cheese, savory & mature from goat farm Thoules at La Chapelle d’Abondance)
logo fait-maison Hunting terrine (wild boar, roe deer) served with homemade dried meat, smoked figs with lemon balm condiment   20,50€
logo fait-maison Hunter’s starter : homemade pate (roe deer, young partridge, foie gras), young partridge crème brûlée, smoked figs with lemon balm condimen   25,50€

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logo fait-maison Poached trout fillet in apples Granny Smith broth and ache from our mountains, groats and small vegetables   25€
logo fait-maison Fera fillet from Lake Geneva, nasturtium flower broth and fried chanterelles   31€
logo fait-maison Homemade French fries   7,50€

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French origin

logo fait-maison Beef thaï tartare freshly cut (170g, butchery Metzger), homemade french fries & salad
(citronella, ginger, soya, coriander, galanga, black sesame seed, sesame oil)
logo fait-maison Knuckles of lamb flavored with thyme, crystallizsed garlic and juice
(low-temperature cooking 36 hours)
logo fait-maison Veal fillet mignon cooked in leaf of spruce, fir tree sauce (low-temperature cooking)   31€
logo fait-maison Beef fillet (200g), bearnaise or pepper Timut (citrus aroma) sauce   33€
logo fait-maison Beef fillet (200g), chanterelle sauce   38€
logo fait-maison Rossini beef fillet (200g)
(cutlet of duck foie gras, foie gras, black truffles from Drome, périgueux sauce)
logo fait-maison Fleur de Neige burger, homemade French fries & salad
(handmade bread from Châtel bakery Grillet, minced beef steak freshly cut 180g, tomato, mixed leaves, raclette cheese from Châtel, crystallised red onions and burger sauce)
logo fait-maison Vegetarian burger, homemade French fries & salad
(handmade bread from Châtel bakery Grillet, coral lentil steak and sweet potato, tomato, mixed leaves, raclette cheese from Châtel, crystallised red onions and burger sauce)
logo fait-maison Homemade French fries   7,50€
logo fait-maison Wild boar stew, Saint-Hubert sauce (boneless haunch)   30,50€
logo fait-maison Venison stew, Saint-Hubert sauce (boneless haunch)   34,50€
logo fait-maison Roe deer tasting in three ways : slab of steak chanterelle sauce, crispy, stew, Saint-Hubert sauce   39,50€
logo fait-maison Grilled roe deer entrecote, Timut pepper sauce (citrus aromas)   42,50€
logo fait-maison Rossini roe deer
(escalope of duck foie gras, black truffles from Drôme, Périgueux sauce)

logo fait-maison


EU origin

logo fait-maison Sauteed with Armagnac calf’s kidneys, chanterelles sauce   35€
logo fait-maison Sweetbread served on a bed of hay, chanterelles sauce   40€

logo fait-maison


served with cold meats made and smoked by us & salad

logo fait-maison Savoyard Fondue, 250g per person (mixed melted French-Swiss cheeses, white wine, garlic)   27€
  Cheese supplement 250g per person (without accompaniment)   17€
logo fait-maison Berthoud (Traditional Speciality Guarantee) berthoud eu berthoud
(Abondance cheese gratin in the oven, madeira, garlic, pepper and white wine of Savoy) served with potatoes
logo fait-maison Raclette from « la Ferme du Linga » in Châtel (to eat on the spot)
(400g farmhouse cheese per person, potatoes) minimum 2 persons

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  Cheeses from various regions   13€
  Fromage blanc   5€

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Our recipes are based on quality regional products.
We thank our suppliers for their taste for excellence
and the care that they let us select the best every day.

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