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We will be delighted to welcome you again from Saturday June 18th, 2022.
Can book in complete security, our GSTC* remain adapted to the situation.
* In the event of containment and travel restriction, quarantine in your city or country imposed by the government or closure of the Châtel ski resort for sanitary decision we undertake to return any deposit. These measures must be in effect on the dates of your stay.



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At the beginning of this 21st century we believe that we are becoming more and more conscious of the importance of our history.

Thanks to our ancestors we have become what we are today; the heritage that they have bequeathed has become in some way part of us. So that we can perpetuate these memories, we must take care of this heritage that was left to us, whilst simultaneously injecting new-ideas.

The hotel Fleur de Neige has a character and a history. It is the achievement of the dream of two families and five generations.