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In signature menu desserts up to 11€ are included,
for any other desserts a supplement of 5€ per person is applied

logo fait-maison Homemade ice cream   3,50€
  vanilla from Madagascar, chocolate Guanaja (dark)   per scoop
logo fait-maison Homemade sorbets   3,50€
  raspberry, lime, blueberries, apricot, plum   per scoop
logo fait-maison Crème brûlée with valilla from Madagascar   8€
logo fait-maison French or Irish Coffee (cognac Gautier or whisky Jameson, coffee, whipped cream)   10,50€
logo fait-maison Dame blanche (3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream)   11€
logo fait-maison Local Strawberry or raspberry tart, light yuzu cream   11,50€
logo fait-maison Homemade « lost style » brioche with vanilla from Madagascar, lemon praline, vanilla apricot compote, apricot sorbet   12€
logo fait-maison Salted butter caramel cabbage & tonka bean whipped cream   12€
logo fait-maison Cup watered with brandy (raspberry or apricot or lime or plum sorbet of your choice)   12€
logo fait-maison Coulant Flowing Grand Cru Caribbean 66%chocolate cake,
vanilla ice cream and and espuma banana-vanilla (10 minutes of wait)
logo fait-maison Autumn Bliss
(shortbread with almond cream from Provence, chestnut vermicelli, light mousse with Opalys Valrhona® white chocolate, blueberries)
logo fait-maison Extra whipped cream   1,50€
All our desserts are made with Valhrona® chocolates

This card depending on our arrivals and our producers.
Net prices per person in euros, excluding drinks, including service